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Popular Miami Yatch Destinations

Should your group wish a unique trip or a special tour, or maybe you want to get picked up/dropped off at a different location, we will assist you to plan for a custom tailored charter.

If your trip entails a special destination, we will responsibly plan ahead any special reservations and schedules to your approval. 

The following destinations are the most popular ones in Miami. However, you can decide a different destination!!! 

Nixon sandbar


Nixon's cove sandbar just south of Miami is a perfect spot to party on a boat. On weekends and holidays, Nixon transforms into some of the area's hottest water party spots.

As you are heading to the Key Biscayne sandbar, you will enjoy the beautiful sights of Miami downtown, the Miami river and much more!

Biscayne Bay

It is located on the Atlantic coast of South Florida, Biscayne bay is the perfect choice for a smooth boat party and cruise. You can spend the whole day on the water having a blast and never getting bored of the nice views, the canals, the bridges and much more!

Monument Island

Just off Miami on Biscayne bay stands a beautiful, uninhabited island with a 110 foot high obelisk with scriptures at its base.

The tropical island getaway has become one of the most popular spots to enjoy the sun, to do some water sports or just to have fun with family and friends.


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